Centre de la nature Lusson 

Franco-camping 2021!

This year, the Centre de la nature Lusson is welcoming families and groups who wish to camp in a French-speaking community. Come and join us!

The Centre de la Nature Lusson is the only place in Alberta that offers camping, outdoor activities and youth nature camps exclusively in French

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Tent site



Tent site


50% off!

To obtain the discount, members must enter a promo code when paying online. To obtain this code members must: 


  1. Check their email: Members who are subscribed to our newsletter will have already received the code via email.


  2. Contact the administration staff: Members who are not        subscribed to our newsletter will need to email us at                 camplusson@acfaedmonton.ab.ca with their full name so         that we can verify their membership status in order to               transfer the code to you.


The ACFA régionale d'Edmonton relies on honesty of members not to share the code with non-members. Our organization would not function without your contribution so please respect this request! Thank you!

The center is open for registration from July 12 to September 6 

The center will be open 24/7

Accommodations offered 

Tent site: We offer the opportunity for groups to bring their own tent and set up on their site. 

There is a strict maximum of 6 people allowed per site. For groups that are larger than 6, you will need to reserve 2+ sites.

Come have a look at how we have fun at the Centre de la nature Lusson!

For an extraordinary summer at the Centre de la nature Lusson