Centre de la nature Lusson 

Discovering nature, en français! 


The beginning of the Centre de la nature Lusson goes back approximately 40 years. Located 80 km north of Edmonton near the town of Clyde, the construction and operation of a summer camp was initiated by the Lusson family. Years later, the family donated the camp to the ACFA régionale d'Edmonton to ensure that francophones and francophiles from all over Alberta could continue to gather and learn about the great outdoors at the site.

The Centre de la nature Lusson provides the opportunity for french speakers to make new friends and to be reunited with old ones. In the last 10 years, more than 1000 campers have canoed, hiked, played and learned at the site. Indeed, the Centre serves to create a sense of belonging and is an important part of the francophone community in Alberta. 


In 2012, the camp closed as renovations were necessary. In 2015, the ACFA régionale d'Edmonton reopened the camp to once again to welcome generations of campers. In 2017, the camp was given a new name, from Camp de plein air Lusson to Centre la nature Lusson. Though the name has changed, the concept remains the same! We are excited host campers in 2018 and to offer an unforgettable outdoor experience, en francais! 


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