Centre de la nature Lusson

Franco-camping 2021!

This year, the Centre de la nature Lusson is welcoming families and groups who wish to camp in a French-speaking community. Come and join us!

The Centre de la Nature Lusson is the only place in Alberta that offers camping, outdoor activities and youth nature camps exclusively in French

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Accommodations offered 

Site + personal tent: We offer the opportunity for groups to bring their own tent and set up on their site. 


Site + rental tent: We offer groups the opportunity to rent an already set up tent that can easily accommodate 6 people. Quantities are limited. 

There is a strict maximum of 6 people allowed per site. For groups that are larger than 6, you will need to reserve 2+ sites.

Click above for a list of what campers should bring to have a worry free adventure...

The center is open for registration from July 12 to September 6 

The center will be open 24/7



Personal tent


Rental tent



Personal tent


Rental tent


More information coming soon

Thank you for your understanding 

Come have a look at how we have fun at the Centre de la nature Lusson!

For an extraordinary summer at the Centre de la nature Lusson